Quality Service Control (QSC) evaluates the performance of employees and general customer service for service industries utilizing anonymous “Mystery Shoppers".

Mystery Shoppers are independent contractors that conduct "shops", complete online evaluation forms and get paid and/or reimbursement per assignment.

Our reporting is done on-line with a premiere web based program provided by Sassie.

As a Shopper, you are the most critical aspect of our team at QSC. You are the one out there gathering the information our Clients want to know. We are searching for honest, well balanced people with Integrity to be part of that team.

If you are interested, please sign up HERE.

Quality Service Control

The Mystery Shoppers here at QSC consist of a wide range of people. They are employed in a variety of occupations ranging from entry level to corporate executives. The age range of our shoppers is 18 and up! The majority are between 30 and 50. They may be male or female, or any profile necessary to give you the facts you need.

Most often, QSC Mystery Shoppers visit locations in their own communities and they are rotated regularly so the information you receive is from various perspectives. What you always get is the point of view of your typical guest. We exert a great deal of effort to send shoppers who truly mirror the customers you are trying to satisfy.

Every QSC Mystery Shopper has been scrutinized in a lengthy screening process. References are checked, educational and professional backgrounds are evaluated.

We also specialize in employing restaurant experienced shoppers for a more 'restaurant attitude' type of report. (Restaurant experienced shoppers available upon request.)

The staff here at QSC are in personal contact with every shopper during every visit to every location.