Quality Service Control

QSC defines specific strengths and weaknesses in operational standards by performing complete written evaluations by trained professionals. This type of evaluation assists the management team and supervisors to focus on specific areas of opportunity. Additionally, these reports provide the opportunity to recognize outstanding performance from key personnel. Our trained auditors evaluate every aspect of your guests' experience, from service and atmosphere, to cleanliness and misappropriation of funds.
Our experienced field representatives visit your establishment as average guests, ordering meals, asking questions, and buying merchandise. Their trained observations will give you an informed perspective from your guests' point of view. This enables you to enhance your competitive edge by defining your specific strengths and weaknesses in your operational standards. Without this information, you just don't know.
The very best manager cannot be in all places at all times. Having a real understanding of how your service staff treats your guests may be the most valuable information your company can possess. Our mystery shopping services ensure that you are informed at the customer's perspective at all times.
Is too much of your valuable time spent disciplining poor employees while your best performers go unnoticed? QSC can help identify and reward those on your staff that provide superior service, even when you're not watching. By recognizing desired performance, all staff will be motivated to perform consistently at your standards.